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Kids Bee Jacket with Fence Veil - Green

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      • Made of 100% very heavy cotton with veil.
      • Quick and easy to wear and ensure the cleanliness of your clothes and protection from stings
      • Zippered for ease of wear on
      • Elastic bands at the wrists
      • Elastic loop at each wrist band for thumb
      • Colored Green to not alarm the bees
      • Kids now can participate too!
      • Sized to keep stingers away from skin
      • Fencing style hood veil
        • may be unzipped
        • completely removed, or
        • be flipped back (2 way hood zippers)
      • Washable: machine wash suit; handwash veil

      06 Pockets

      • 2 on each arm sleeve
      • 2 pockets one on each side of chest
      • 2 pockets on abdomin

      Two pockets on chest fasten with Velcro. The pockets on both sleeves may be used to carry tools.


Kids Bee jacket with Fence Sty

Art:# BSW-4005

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